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Infront Will Implement Crypto Risk Metrics to Provide Risk and ESG Data for Digital Assets

This partnership substantially expands the price data offering to modern investors.
Crypto Risk Metrics
Partnership Infront and Crypto Risk Metrics - Risk and ESG data for digital assets

Infront, the leading provider of wealth management solutions, is expanding its data services to include risk and ESG data relating to digital and cryptographic assets, substantially supplementing its previous offering of price data. To achieve this major enhancement, Infront is cooperating with DLC Distributed Ledger Consultancy GmbH and using the IDW PS 951-certified crypto risk management tool “Crypto Risk Metrics”.

With the authorisation of the Bitcoin ETF by the SEC, the interest of private and institutional investors in digital assets has reached a new high. Cryptocurrencies have steadily established themselves as an asset class, meaning that the need for professional data provision is now also increasing. Regulatory requirements are also coming soon, as the EU’s MiCAR directive requires the provision of ESG data from 1 January 2025.

Partnerschaft: Infront implementiert Crypto Risk Metrics für Risiko- und ESG-Daten für digitale Assets

Preparing for MiCAR with Crypto Risk & Crypto ESG Data

With the IDW PS 951-certified risk management solution “Crypto Risk Metrics”, Infront will ensure the provision of risk and ESG data in digital and cryptographic assets in the future, significantly expanding the offering of price data. This will enable wealth and asset managers using Infront’s solutions to easily offer their clients an even broader range of information and open the door to investing in digital assets. At the same time, the implementation also ensures regulatory compliance for the coming years.

Udo Kersting, Head of Germany at Infront, commented: “Since the recent Bitcoin ETF approval we have seen increased interest from banks and asset managers in the EU to become active in the area of digital assets and demand increase from local customers for Bitcoin and Co. is also steadily increasing. As a result, the requirements for suitable data solutions are also increasing, in order to map risk profiles and sustainability requirements in the best possible way. By partnering with the market leader in this still young field, we are expanding our options for our institutional clients.

Tim Zölitz, CRO of Crypto Risk Metrics, adds: “Since 2020, we have consistently focussed our activities on regulated market participants. As the market matures, further professionalisation in the direction of risk management, market conformity assessment logics and ESG reporting is logical. And of course we are delighted that, in addition to private banks and custodians, systemically important institutions are now also relying on our tools and data. Through the cooperation with Infront, we are further expanding our services – and by constantly developing ourselves further, we ensure that we remain up to date with regard to regulatory or market adjustments.”

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Source: Press release Infront