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The Future of Crypto Risk Management is here.

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The IDW PS 951-certified SaaS tool “Crypto Risk Metrics” supports regulated financial institutions in the risk-based assessment of cryptocurrencies, Delta-1 Certificates (“Crypto ETPs”) and tokenized securities. Market conformity checks, KARBV-compliant price data and ESG data complete the product range.

Serving Regulated
Financial Institutions

Regulated financial institutions require adequate solutions for risk-based mapping of the specific challenges in blockchain ecosystems – especially with the entry into force of the “Markets in Crypto Assets Regulation” (MiCAR).

The Crypto Risk Metrics software helps to always be compliant and able to react to new requirements properly at any given time.

The software is also aimed at regulators and authorities – we call this “Embedded Supervision” – as well as auditors who can better fulfill important functions by using the tool.

of Crypto Risk Metrics

Distributed ledger technology has the potential to fundamentally optimize the financial world – but also comes with its own challenges and risks. 

The core functions of the Software as a Service include risk management for cryptocurrencies (both natively and indirectly via Delta-1 Certificates), tokenized assets as well as market conformity checks for cryptocurrency trades and the determination of KARBV-compliant valuation data.

In addition, ESG data are offered via partners, which will soon become mandatory for all crypto asset service providers.

IDW PS 951

since 2021

Microsoft Azure

Hosted exclusively
in Europe

Over 35 million
data points


  • “Due to the new risks associated with decentralised networks, we have paid particular attention to risk management in order to be adequately positioned. We opted for the DLC tool because it meets our extensive requirements and is continuously optimized.”

    Sascha Dölker
    Divisional Head of Digitization 
    Deutsche WertpapierService Bank AG

  • “After a market screening with the established providers, none of them could offer the quality of Crypto Risk Metrics. Most providers could not provide any offer at all – or one that was not viable from a regulatory perspective, which was not acceptable for us.”

    Markus Vitt
    Spokesman of the Executive Board
    Donner & Reuschel Privatbank AG

  • “Crypto assets have very unique characteristics, which need to be adequately covered in risk management. As a result of an extensive project, we decided on the solution from DLC, as it comprehensively addresses the specific risks. In addition, due to our risk-based approach, we also decided to use the tool for indirect investments in crypto assets, for example via certificates.”

    Falko Pingel
    Head of Risk Management & Data Governance

  • “By using Crypto Risk Metrics, we ensure that we meet our regulatory requirements regarding listing, continuous monitoring and potential delistings of crypto assets at all times. This tool also enables us to realize a market conformity check, which is also required by law for every financial commission agent and proprietary trader.” 

    Raphael Neuberger
    Head Digital Assets
    V-Bank AG

  • “The decision in favor of the solution from DLC was based on the fact that, unlike all other traditional providers, the tool adequately addresses blockchain-specific risks – and therefore has a unique selling point in this young market.”

    Stefan Klaile

    Board of Directors

    “Bitcoin is a remarkable cryptographic achievement… The ability to create something which is not duplicable in the digital world has enormous value… Lots of people will build businesses on top of that.”

    Eric Schmidt
    Executive Chairman of Google

    Press Coverage

      Expert Advisory Board

      Adjustments to the tool and the statistical models are critically discussed and optimized with the members of our Expert Advisory Board.

      Felix Eppler
      Managing Director
      Risk Management Research
      (FZRM) University Würzburg

      Managing risks presents a unique challenge in rapidly evolving fields like blockchain technology. As a member of the Expert Advisory Board, I not only remain abreast of the latest developments but also gain valuable insights from practitioners – a perspective that holds particular significance for me as an academic.”

      Benedikt Faupel
      Head of Blockchain Division
      Bitkom e.V

      “If you aim to stay on the cutting edge of innovation, it’s crucial to be involved with organizations that drive innovation forward.

      By being part of the Expert Advisory Board, I can contribute to making the cryptospace more secure.

      Christoph Hock
      Managing Director
      Head of Multi-Asset Trading
      Union Investment


      “As digital asset markets and the token economy grow, having the right tools at hand becomes increasingly crucial. Crypto Risk Metrics helps financial institutions in meeting regulatory requirements – a goal we are eager to achieve.

      By joining the Advisory Board, I can contribute to these endeavors and remain at the forefront of the game-changing developments unfolding in digital assets.”

      Holger Leifeld
      Head of Capital Markets
      Donner & Reuschel Privatbank AG

      “With the Crypto Risk Metrics tool, we cover the entire lifecycle of crypto activities. Whether investing directly or via Delta-1 Certificates – the risk scores, as well as the market data provided, enable us to make well-informed decisions in the fast-paced crypto environment.

      And despite the asset class is still small, we firmly believe in its maturation over the next decade.”

      Barbara Schlyter
      Head of Digital Products & Solutions
      DWS Group


      “Digital assets are on the rise. At DWS, we have embedded them into our corporate strategy and are working on several use cases for digital assets, including the launch of cryptocurrency ETCs. Together with our strategic partner Galaxy Digital, our goal is to offer investors convenient and efficient access to cryptocurrencies.

      I am delighted to be part of this expert panel to critically discuss significant developments within the dynamic digital assets ecosystem.

      Daniel Ziegler
      Senior Portfolio Manager
      Allianz Global Investors

      “Blockchain technology has the potential to fundamentally transform the financial market infrastructure. Therefore, it is crucial to closely monitor all the exciting developments in this space.

      As a member of the Expert Advisory Board at Crypto Risk Metrics, I am continually exposed to the latest advancements and can contribute to fostering a safer digital asset landscape.”

      Cooperation Partners


        The management team at Crypto Risk Metrics brings together extensive experience from the regulated financial industry with experts in distributed ledger technology.

        Dr. Sven Hildebrandt
        Non-Executive Director

        Uwe Heldt
        Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

        Tim Zölitz
        Chief Risk Officer (CRO)

        Tim Hoffmeister
        Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

        Niko Sarge
        Head of Research

        Melanie Mauer
        Head of Operations



        Thank you for your interest, we would be happy to provide you with more information on the benefits of Crypto Risk Metrics.

        Please feel free to reach out to me via LinkedIn, send an email to, or give us a call: +49 151 44 97 41 20.

        Looking forward to hearing from you!

        Ben Becker
        Senior Project Manager